Being a business owner can be overwhelming...
You don't have to do it alone!

We understand your challenges as an owner and are here to help your business grow.

We relay changes and key information to members so you are always in the know.

Save time and let us help you research and resolve your business questions.

As a business owner or operator, your livelihood hinges on your ability to attract new customers and maximize profits.

But the best path to these goals is not always clear. Business regulations seem to change faster than you can adapt to them, and it can be challenging to make sure that your business remains compliant with the latest guidelines.

Whether you are seeking increased traffic to your business or you would simply like some expert guidance, the Southwest Business Association (SWBA) of Minneapolis is here to provide you with the support you need. Our members enjoy a variety of benefits ranging from advocacy to cost saving discounts. Below are the top seven reasons why over 150 members choose to be a part of SWBA:

Top 7 Reasons Our 200+ Members Joined:

1. SWBA provides outstanding support to its members

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From financial backing to business guidance, members can count on SWBA to deliver the support they need for their businesses to prosper. SWBA has delivered over $1 million in grant funds to Southwest Minneapolis businesses, changing the face of our business nodes and directly contributing to revitalization. Member can always contact us with a question, and SWBA will either help research and find a solution or point you to the best experts to resolve your needs.

2. SWBA is a trusted advocate for members
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SWBA members enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have an experienced advocate acting on their behalf. For instance, if local officials are proposing to remove parking in front of your business, SWBA will coordinate with the city to work through your feedback and concerns.

Provide a collective voice in policy: Its not always easy or comfortable relaying your needs and opinions to legislators and policy makers. SWBA engages with decision makers on your behalf so you can remain focused on your business operations.

Navigate regulatory changes: Staying ahead of regulatory changes is challenging for people who often work 10 or more hours a day operating a business. SWBA keeps a pulse on local regulations for business owners.

Monitor the local business landscape: SWBA stays abreast of local licensing requirements and zoning changes. We relay changes and key information to members so you are never caught off-guard by unexpected changes.

3. SWBA drives new business to members

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SWBA and the Experience Southwest brand drive new customers to members' businesses through featured online listings, stories and district marketing efforts. Past initiatives have included district-wide events, district focused print directories, partnerships with the Southwest Journal for extended reach, presence at prominent festivals and events, and more!

4. SWBA members make valuable connections

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A strong network of community connections is often the difference between businesses that thrive and those that stagnate. SWBA helps your business develop and maintain relationships with your fellow Southwest businesses, neighborhood associations, community leaders and other influential parties.

5. SWBA members receive discounts on business, travel and entertainment products and services

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Every penny counts when you are striving to control costs for your business. When you belong to SWBA, you receive exclusive access to supplemental insurance, discounted office supplies, software discounts, travel discounts, and special member to member offers that help our members save money and support each other.

6. Members receive helpful marketing tips and guidance

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A detailed strategic marketing plan is essential for success in today's business landscape. Knowledge of financial options, growth strategies, HR best practices and so much more can help your business grow smoothly. We offer classes and other personal development opportunities to help business owners refine their business knowledge, marketing strategies and boost brand awareness.

7. With SWBA membership, you're not alone

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As a business owner, you may sometimes feel like you are alone on an island with no one to turn to who will understand the challenges of owning a business. But when you belong to SWBA, you are never alone. The SWBA network is filled with an impressive community of business owners who regularly share ideas and lend advice to one another.

Become a part of the broader community, and start growing with us today!

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Members of the Southwest Business Association support efforts to strengthen the community connections between our local businesses and residents, encourage vibrant and engaging business areas in our neighborhoods, and continue to build a Southwest Minneapolis that we are all proud to have as an area where we live, work and play. Join us Today!

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